Whether you are a progressive, socialist, liberal, conservative, anarchist, environmentalist, activist, etc., we are calling on you to begin the process of democratic consensus building.  Currently the voice of the people remains fragmented and divided. We are told daily by the media and politicians what we value, what we think, and what we believe. But the voice of the people remains silent. Consequently, we are collectively devoid of any meaningful influence in the political process.

Many of us adhere to a political ideology, or belong to a political organization, while a great number of others consider themselves to be apolitical and disinterested.  We are all, however, affected by the political and economic reality that exists around us.

Real Democracy Now – Canada, is not a political party.  We do not follow a particular ideology, or adhere to any party line.  We exist to facilitate the establishment of a broad based federation of political groups and individuals capable of mobilizing for meaningful change.  We are inviting EVERY person to come together as citizens; to discuss, debate, and ultimately, to form a democratic consensus on the political issues that affect us all.  Only by doing this will we be able to overcome the fragmentation that has for so long left us paralysed, voiceless, and unable to develop a political force capable of challenging the current hegemonic political paradigm.

This is not a call for passive affiliation and collaboration between organizations.  This a call to commence debate, to open dialog, to utilize direct democracy in order to arrive at consensus, and finally, to take action based on the principles that are developed. We want to provide a platform for the coordination of groups for citizen mobilization. Participatory democracy is the model we will use to build our platform and organize our movement.

This message is addressed to EVERYONE; workers, students, the unemployed, teachers, lawyers, professors, activists; anyone who feels underrepresented by the current political order.  No longer can we allow the politicians and media to speak for us, it is time for us to discover what the true values and needs of Canadians are, and to mobilize and fight for what we believe in.

Let us join the millions around the world who are fighting to build a better future.

Divided we fall, united we stand.

Together we can change the world.

We will be peaceful, but we will be resolute.

If you or your organization are interested in participating in this great democratic endeavour, please contact us by sending an email to: realdemocracynowcanada@gmail.com. or leave us a comment here. Please let us know if your organization, platform, or association would like to endorse this initiative.



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