Minutes of Online Meeting – June 29th 2011

Real Democracy Now Canada

Online Meeting Minutes

June 29th 2011

4pm – 7pm EST

Meeting commenced at 4:15pm eastern time.

1. Introductions

  • participants were from all over the country. Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, BC. Participants were all different ages and from all walks of life (students, workers, parents, grandparents).

2. Participant statements of motivations

  • This movement is a must because we are slowly loosing our liberty within the impression of liberty. We do not question our liberty anymore and it makes it dangerous. Politics are disinteresting because it is often the same boring pattern. We do not have a good education of politics
  • Our movement is necessary because our politicians do not represent us, but instead serve the interests of big corporations and bankers. I would like to see a democracy where the people have a direct role in the decision making process. This way, the people will be able to develop laws that benefit the majority, instead of the minority. I am willing to help in any way I can. I will be on the internet, in the streets and schools.
  • This movement is necessary because, our species is being torn apart, when our true potential lies in cooperation and symbiotic life. We are used, and are forced to contribute to the continuing destruction of our own habitat and liberty.
  • People get debts really young and get trapped in the economic system, our government is heading toward privatization

3. Briefing on European situation and other information

  • Greece is in full revolt, along with a general strike of the populace.
  • The Spanish have provided us with inspiration and a model to build a movement that is capable of uniting many people. We should do the same with peoples assemblies
  • Canada is the next and I think as has been said, we have to look for examples to prepare and organize when the things start happening
  • Real Democracy Now is a global movement, with factions everywhere in the world, from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Canada, France, Greece, UK, etc. October 15th is the day scheduled for global revolution to begin, so we have 5 months to build our movement
  • It was agreed that, though this is a global movement, every country has a different situation and character and so strategy must suit accordingly.
  • It was agreed that we should learn from the successes and failures of other movements around the world

4. Brainstorming Session

  • Proposed to stage events around the weekend of July 24. Should be on a Saturday to receive maximum exposure.
  •  Most important task is to bring more people into this movement.
  • A continuous information campaign ALL SUMMER is needed.
  • Flyers should be scattered throughout your cities with a link to the Facebook page, twitter, and website.
  • We need to produce flyers, web pages, facebook groups and events. Coffee Houses would be good for small communities.
  • Posters, pamphlets, paints on the street all is good
  • If you live near a university or college, get posters up there, as well as talk to students and professors about our movement.
  • At this point in our planning phase, we need to get a rough assessment of the skills of our members.
  • One thing we desperately need is a web page developer.
  • So, as the current planning committee, we all should be going to our local chapters and messaging the members, for a start, we need a general shout-out to musicians, artists, street artists, buskers, and anyone else who can put our message out.
  • When it is possible to do so, local meetings should be arranged.
  • We are a huge country with a low population, its harder to get people to join. If there is a lot there will be more, if its only 1 thousand (which is good for a small city) less people will come
  • Yes, as Canadians distance is a problem, but it can also be an advantage. Small towns can be a huge asset, in that they’re already tightly knit, and they can become self-sufficient quite easily if we can convince them to not work within the system.
  • commission should be set up by people, it will make us to focus in what we do and let the rest do their part, i think is a good way so nobody do more than the others and no body is in charge, we are each a piece of this amazing mechanism!
  • contact we all the local activism groups and participate on there assemblies is a good way to learn ideas and to spread our message, plus we probably get many people
  • This proposal is really important and should be a commission all to itself
  • Agreed to establish commissions for Artwork and Visual Media, Networking, Internet Activity, Writing, Public Relations, and Translation
  • Posters, recruiting campaign for artists, Web Pages/Facebook pages for all chapters, web page developers, networking with other groups, web page development, spreading message in universities, artwork, talk to own communities Polish, Chinese etc living in Canada
  • we need writers to promote our movement on the website and on facebook.
  • for next chat, we can bring friends who would like to join. local comrades so that we can plan better
  • We should have a nice short hashtag to use on twitter

5. Inventory of skills and resources of meetings participants.

  • Basic photoshop skills, good with computers. Willing to put up posters, drive out to other demonstrations to network with people.
  • Experience in organizing rallies
  • We have contacts with other activists, groups, people
  • Have an extensive list of groups that we should try to network with
  • Have media skills: photoshop, indesign, edit for videos
  • Basic website design
  • Youthfulness and motivation
  • We have a facebook page (national, provincial, and Toronto), twitter accounts, and a wordpress website.
  • Artists – paint, graphic design, music, drawing.
  • Will make stencils for spray paint
  • There are many other people who have talent, we need to find them. They’re our greatest asset. A major part of our campaign right now needs to be finding these people in our communities, and getting them motivated.
  • Humour
  • Word of mouth
  • Pamphlets spreading
  • We are in contact with democracia Real ya! in Spain and will be telling them how are we moving! Sending messages of solidarity as well.
  • Idea Balloons on twitter

6. Security concerns

  • Concerns were raised over the threat of infiltration by authorities, as well as violence occurring at future demonstrations
  • We must keep in mind that everything we discuss through chat is out in the open.
  • Any protest or movement is vulnerable, look at G20
  • Agreed that we have nothing to hide, that we are a peaceful non-violent movement, and that everything we do must be transparent and available for anyone to see.

7. Commissions

Consensus was reached on establishing the following commissions. Participants have also volunteered to be responsible for the following actions;

Artwork and Visual Media

  • stencil making
  • Posters, pamphlets
  • Graphic design
  • Street art
  • Drawings, painting, etc.
  • Small and short explanation texts


Web activity

  • Facebook page,
  • twitter account,
  •  web page, blogs
  •  Make sure there are Facebook pages and blogs for the local chapters so that people can organize and meet at the local level.


  • List of groups to contact
  • Send messages asking if they will collaborate
  • Recruit artists, musicians

Public Relations

  • Slogans, For example – “Welcome to a better future for your children” “you are absolutely free to do anything except for challenge authority” “stop the corporate attack” “Make the economy work for the people”
  • Manage press releases


  • French, Polish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

8. Closing statements of inspiration/encouragement

  • Thanks to all of you for make this happen!
  • Thank you everyone, I have been waiting since Jan 25th! 🙂
  • I am very encouraged and inspired by all of you. Thank you. We must keep up our work, and not slow down!
  • The power is in group…..
  • Guys we are changing the future and this time is ours!!
  • I have to run out for a bit, capitalism is calling me
  • Thank you everyone for organizing & participating today! Chat again Wed @4 EST

It was agreed that the next official meeting would take place on Wednesday July 6th, at 4pm EST.

Meeting adjourned at 7pm EST.


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