Minutes of Online Meeting – July 7th 2011

Real Democracy Now Canada
Meeting Minutes
7th July 2011
1700-1900 EST

1. Motion to commence @ 1719 EST

  • Seconded.

2. Introductions

  • Eleven members present at commencement of meeting.
  • Members represented B.C., ON, QC, NS.
  • All members cordially acquainted.

3. Update on activities since last meeting @ Approx

  • Members have been attending local rallies for other organizations and spreading the message of ours. Suggestion: Monitor local media for local protests/assemblies.
  • We are making progress on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Suggestion: If you have a Twitter account, follow @RDnCanada, @Min_Reyes, @Wolfishinhali, and help spread the message.
  • Members have been working independently in their respective communities, providing aid and public service whenever possible in order to build stronger local ties. Your community is where it starts!
  • Members have been in contact with local activist organizers, and have future plans to do so.
  • Have had meetings with several Professors from Canadian universities.

4. Brainstorming Session

  • How to grow/spread the message?
    • Go to the people (Find the busiest place you can and: hand out flyers, put up posters, play songs, read poetry, be creative!)
    • Contact local media (Press Releases, Letters to Editors, E-mails to News Directors, be creative!) There’s a good chance they won’t touch it, but we won’t know until we try.
    • Contact Katimavik – National network, open to new ideas.
    • Flyers that fit 4 or 3 per page – Fits in back pockets, easy to spread more, faster and cheaper.
    • Posters with rip-off tabs for bulletin boards. (FB/Twittter info).
    • Blog, with flyers directing the audience to the blog to join the discussion.
    • Build lists for each region of all local activist groups, with contact information. Disseminate lists.
    • Roll Call on FB Wall, (in progress).
    • Toronto Meeting – Coming Up.
    • Establish Carpools/Travel info blog/website/section to allow people to state where they’re departing from, how many empty seats available, where to meet, etc.
    • Keep rallies synchronized as much as possible.
    • Write songs, poems, skits, monologues etc., and perform them where ever you can. People respond better to humour, art and music than to fear!
    • Suggestion: All attempt to up your Friends/Followers on FB/Twitter, more numbers means more networks the message will be passed along.
  • Local Organization
    • Create Cells/Chapters to facilitate local organization once numbers are sufficient.
    • Contribute your writings for the group blog.
    • Ally with Dreamer Republic (in progress).
    • Broadcast local meetings via ustream or other live chat. Full transparency, take minutes and post them.
    • Manifesto? Suggestion: Rough outline of the problems we face, and how we plan to tackle them. Suggestion: Open-Source the manifesto (all local groups may modify and/or copy as need be for their circumstances).
    • Reach out to Aboriginal Networks/Tribes (Try to appeal to APTN)
    • Contact Unions, ask for help through their organizational networks,
  • Who We Are
    • We are Humans
    • We are Truth-Seekers
    • We are courageous, and willing to tell the truth against oppression
    • We have taken the Red Pill (jokes :P)
    • We are Young, and Young-at-Heart.
    • We are Canadians, and Citizens of The World. We have no specific political ideology, we come from all perspectives and backgrounds, We want an end to the existence of a ruling class, and true Democracy for all the World. If some of us are not free, none of us are free.
    • We are canadians that have a voice, a voice that has been supressed by big business and crooks with suits, our political system used to be run by normal people like the neighbor or the baker down the street,
    • We are defenders of the planet
    • We do not constrain ourselves to these definitions, we are fluid and dynamic, but we are all held together with a common desire for change and a new beginning.
  • Motion to Conclude @ 1920 EST
    • Seconded
    • Minutes *Not* read back (all had to leave suddenly).
    • No agreed upon time for next meeting – Will post event on FB Group.

Minutes derived from chat archive: http://www.savorchat.com/chat/real-democracy-now-canada/archive/1/embed
If you feel something important has been omitted, please post request for correction on the group wall. Thanks!


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