Dreamer Republic

Dreamer Republic

One of the central goals of Real Democracy Now is to launch a debate in Canada about political alternatives to our current parliamentary system. Dreamerrepublic.com is just one idea, about how the web offers simple solutions to our appalling democratic deficit. Every pollster knows Canadians do not agree with the policies of this government, yet we are expected to endure 5 years of these unpopular policies. We hope the launch of this site, a new form of political media, will help ignite a real discussion about what role democracy should play in our society. Dreamerrepublic is a functional prototype* for a cyber parliament, available to anyone with access to the internet. On the site users can comment and vote on the bills of parliament, and submit petitions, and use a chat roulette based system for discussion of weekly political topics. There is no logical reason why millions of Canadians are cut out of the political process, and this site is an attempt to organize the opinions of the millions of informed and concerned Canadians who are more than able to have a say in the decisions which affect their lives. Building such a lively cyber democratic alternative will not happen overnight, but achieving this goal would mean a real revolution for the way our societies are run. In the meantime DreamerRepublic is meant to offer inspiration to other activists all around the world, who are also experimenting with internet organizing. Using this type of web-tool, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our dissatisfaction with the status quo, we are not just calling for democratic forms, but actually building democracy now.

Visit Dreamer Republic to start participating.

Lets Make History!

Real Democracy Now!


DreamerRepublic Trailer:http://www.dreamerrepublic.com/post/trailer–a-dreamer-republic_55.html

Here is a short essay with discussion on what the web might make possible



*We are working on a French version, and finding other individuals with skills that could help us imrpove the site.


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